Alec leon

Alec is an independent American singer-songwriter whose song blends his folksy, acoustic sound with soulful lyrics that illuminate a person's desire not to let the world pass them by or let others hold them back and ultimately find their voice in life.

Alec León - American Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, Guitarist, And Producer

Alec is a 24-year-old American singer-songwriter and producer whose distinctive sound pushes the boundaries of creating music that blends his folksy, acoustic sound with elements like hip-hop, dance, soul, blues, and rock. His multi-genre music is created with a purpose that reflects the reality of life's challenges and triumphs.

At age ten, Alec picked up his first guitar and started writing and performing, then got into producing music at age fifteen. "I don't believe in being boxed in by genres because it limits an artist's ability to create and tap into their highest potential," said Alec. Studying all type of styles is how he incorporates elements into his fusion of music. Music is part of everyone's life, so it must be created with a purpose.

In his debut single release, Alec unleashes a beautifully written song [Beautiful] illuminated by his soulful, hopeful vocal performance layered with his intimate acoustic rhythms weaved into a realistic song about a person's struggle in life with thoughts of self-harm and darkness. It's a hopeful reminder that they are not alone in this broken world and just have to discover the perfection caged inside that reflects their beauty in mind, body, and soul.

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